Workstation group policy not updating

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If the GPO configures a user side setting, it needs to be linked to the OU containing the correct user.

There are certain cases where you can do some crazy linking. Remember, GPOs cannot be linked to an OU that just contains security groups.

Beginning in July of 2016, Microsoft fixed a security issue related to Group Policy processing. These filters can dynamically apply GPOs based on a host of factors.

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( After following the Group Policy Update wizard it then establishes a connection with every computer in that OU and creates a schedule task to run “/force” for both the computer and any user’s currently logged on.

You can use this Power Shell script to optimize your GPO links and ensure that they are properly linked.2. By default, a GPO is filtered to authenticated users.

Make sure that the computers or users needing the policy are in a group that is specified here.

However, that WMI filter has to evaluate to True for the object processing the GPO.

This means that if you have a WMI checking a user only setting, you can’t scope your GPO only to computers.

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