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His was spent at a famous boarding school attended by royals and Eddie Redmayne.

I flippantly asked if that was where the term originated, the practice of younger pupils forced to act as personal servants to the most senior boys. Andrew’s lip quivered as he recounted systematic sexual abuse — from older students and younger faculty alike — both of which he described as being “just part of the experience.” Unfortunately I couldn’t pivot the conversation quickly enough to salvage the date, which proved to be our first and only.

After about 30 minutes of conversation she told me she was hooking up with one of our old professors, who was at least 20 years our senior. The last time I went on a date with someone I met in real life I had one of the greatest, most uncomfortable conversations of my life.

About three years ago, there was this girl I met in college, whom I’d always had a bit of a crush on.

The changing landscape of mobile technology inspired us to reevaluate the program, paying special attention to how California youth who were unfamiliar with Hookup viewed text-messaging as a way to provide them with confidential information and resources on their sexual and reproductive health.

Session participants will discover why text-messaging continues to be an important platform to reach youth with sensitive health information, and how advances in mobile technology and expanded youth access to social media can be best utilized to increase program reach, impact and engagement.

My date then proceeded to order the worst yet most expensive bottle of wine on the menu.

At the end of the night, she said, “This was fun, let’s do it again sometime…

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