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The wider menu includes a variety of affordable old-school snacks, such as Gentleman's Relish on toast and potted stilton (£2.50).A retro soundtrack which toggles between Adam Faith, Frank Sinatra and similar icons adds to the convivial atmosphere.A literally and figuratively beige gastropub, complete with the obligatory Chesterfield sofa by the front door, the Swan won't win any awards for design originality, but the food is good, the price is right and the staff are on the ball.It is a perfectly if generically pleasant place to hang out.The pot arrived correctly primed with two bags, too.

Who knew that you could pay £250 for a piece of what, to the untrained eye, looks like distinctly amateur 19th century needlepoint? Although, winningly, Well Walk serves no-nonsense Yorkshire Tea as its house brew.

The salmon's dressing smoothly melded honeyed sweetness and cockle-warming single malt flavours, too. The lunchtime menu runs from open sandwiches, such as the Hönö – falukorv sausage and cheese with a fried egg, served with a green salad – to the definitively Scandi Kungshamn – herrings, new potatoes, creme fraiche and crisp bread.

A sample hagasmörgås on a thick slice of rustic bread is sound: the ever-so-slightly dry pork and beef meatballs coming alive when mixed with the creamy beetroot salad below.

The kitchen uses good-quality artisan products, including O'Hagan's award-winning sausages, and air-dried ham and cured meats from Oxsprings in Worcestershire and Monmouthshire's Trealy Farm.

A sample burger, topped with a fried sliced of Diana Smart's renowned, robustly flavoured double Gloucester, was spot on (£6, lunch menu).

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