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Requirements specify the functions and product elements that teams need to create.

Product owners typically define and stack rank requirements on the product backlog page.

Do provide sufficient details so that your team can write tasks and test cases to implement the item. The customer impact of not implementing this requirement.

of changesets and updating work items-66

of changesets and updating work items-45

Use the following guidance and that provided for fields used in common across work item types when filling out the form. Provide enough detail for estimating how much work will be required to implement the requirement.

If an issue has been opened to track a blocking problem, you can create a link to the issue. As work progresses, you change the State field to update the status. The state and reason fields appear on the work item form in the header area.

These diagrams show the main progression and regression states for the Requirement, Bug, and Task WITs.

By defining the Size for requirements, teams can use the Agile velocity charts and forecast tools to estimate future iterations or work efforts.

The Kanban Cumulative Flow Diagram references the values in this field.

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