Npr iphone app not updating

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The Radiolab app, available on i Phone and Android, is all about curiosity.

More than just a companion to the broadcast, the app is an extension of the Radiolab experience and its spirit of exploration, possibility and play.

NPR One is like that scone you see behind the counter at Starbucks.

It looks beautiful, but leaves you feeling empty and longing for something else to fill the void.

Both times, NPR was the last thing that had played, and the notification was still in the shade.

Control situation notwithstanding, there's not much here to actually control because there's not much to listen to.

If I went from the default news stream into suggestions - which was almost entirely populated with podcasts, I found myself stuck there until I switched stations and switched back.

This was the only way to get back to the traditional stream and current content.

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You can see only five stories ahead (which is five more than their web player), and if none of them interest you, you still have to click through at least one in order to move the playlist forward.

And that came in quite handy a few times, because sometimes if I paused the app and left, I would find myself at the beginning when I came back in.

NPR's characteristic quiet is here, and that's bad news to anyone who shifts between media apps frequently.

You have the same three controls you have in the app: rewind 15 seconds, play/pause, and next story.

The first time I used the app the notification didn't show up, and it's happened a few times since then.

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