Lack of chemistry dating

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Like the comedian who anticipates the responses his jokes will get and crafts the perfect comeback to those responses, I’ve learned to anticipate and craft responses to the questions my stories elicit. That little nugget of my life always sparks a deep conversation.

I remember the moment I decided I didn’t want to play poker for a living anymore, the moment that led me to where I am today: a teacher of at-risk kids.

The first time I went, I was blown away by the warm-up guy.

I said sure--because the prospective of hanging out again REALLY did seem nice.

And they note that when you have crazy chemistry with a guy, his natural body smell will turn you ON--to the point where even giving his armpits a sniff after a long day will be kind of nice. "But if the thought of your imaginary baby makes you want to run out and get your tubes tied, we're pretty sure you and the guy aren't meant for each other."* * * Anyway, it's mostly CC #1 that I found helpful, particularly that one idea: We should all aim for crazy chemistry--the kind that blows our skirt up! The kind that swoops us up and throws us down on the bed! In your experience, can chemistry grow out of mutual affection, even when there's not a strong rip-your-clothes-off desire in the first place? -------------------------PS: Raye: I read your post yesterday and giggled my shorts off.

Frankly, I've never been able to have sex WITHOUT that feeling. Then I told Arlo what you said, and he was like, "Now THERE'S a woman I could do business with." ...

And I’m okay with that, because it taught me how to interact with the opposite sex.

It also made me realize that being charming can be practiced and learned.

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