Kiss dating website

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In a separate interview with the Wall Street Journal, Brandon reasoned that “because there is chemistry involved in these relationships, it’s not a one-time exchange of money for sex.” Most people who meet on the site don’t have sex on the first date.After a relationship forms, sex becomes part of the relationship.You have your sexual needs and wants, and the website provides a service to keep the family together.

“Today’s sugar daddies are wealthy and successful boyfriends – the type of men most Singaporean mothers tell their daughters to date,” he added.

And the man himself, who is now in his late forties, is worth an estimated million.

The Singapore-born entrepreneur is a former St Andrew’s Secondary (an all-boys school) and Hwa Chong Junior College student.

“We’re getting a subscription fee from a dating service that we’re providing. He says there’s no shame in admitting the “financial incentive” behind dating.

I’d like to think of myself as a telecommunications service provider more than enabling a specific lifestyle.” On his personal website, Brandon proudly proclaims his notorious statement: “Love is a concept invented by poor people.” “Love at first sight that sends shivers down your spine is a fairy tale, and it doesn’t last forever,” he wrote. In an interview with The Daily Beast, he shared more about his ideas towards dating and love, and his various dating websites that follow a common theme of pairing the rich and the willing.

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