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Harry watched Tracy's delicate pink fingers as they dug deep into her supple tit flesh, holding her warm orbs around him. She can't imagine how any professional therapist or nurse could treat a man like Harry and not realize that he needs the kind of therapy that he does.'Just look at how much Harry ejaculates and how often he needs his legs and penis stimulated' she thought.It includes some cuckolding, cheating, and sex between an older black man and a white woman. He's a lot better after his treatment." Tracy admitted. The next morning, Tracy was making breakfast for Jim and Harry in an old cotton pair of shorts and a tank top. "Harry, you were talking about another friend who had your condition? " she asked casually, serving Harry a steaming plate of eggs. He was happy she was thinking about his conversation and the prospect of fucking another black dick. Harry was telling the truth about the nature of his relationship with Anthony. We have that massage table just for that purpose." She smiled at Harry.If this content does not appeal to you, please find a story more to your liking. " Tracy knew Jim was most likely watching her massage and have sex with Harry a few minutes ago via his "hidden" cameras, but she couldn't know for sure. She thought it best to keep her knowledge of Jim's cameras a secret. He couldn't wait to see his wife pleasuring another black man, let alone two of them at once. I guess I can have this friend of Harry's over so I can help him. I don't think I have met him." Tracy knew it wasn't any of Harry's friends like Roger, Jeremy, or Wallace, otherwise he would have said as much. His old friend did not, however, have a "condition," other than the pretend condition Harry also suffered from. She was eager to get back to the reason she and Harry had become friends, which was her sincere desire to help elderly people get along better in their lives."Well, when you wear sexy clothes and use your body to help me with the circulation of my...penis, you are doing more than any therapist could do.The doctor said it is important for me to have my blood circulating throughout all my lower extremities.Only a girl with enormous breasts could manage this kind of tit fuck. She simply smiled and did her best to keep his thick, dark cock between her massive, creamy tits. This caused him to ooze a few more thick lumps of cum onto the tops of her breasts. Tracy rose and headed to the nearest bathroom to clean up. As she mopped-up Harry's load, he spoke to her, raising his voice so she could hear, "Poor Anthony. The nurses can only do so much to help his circulation so he suffers. Not many physical therapists will help people with our problem the way you do, Tracy.

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Harry finished the call and watched Tracy work her magic on his dick.

Since Harry had come into their world, Jim had never had so many amazing orgasms in his life, and ironically, his sex life had never been better, even though he was having less face-to-face sex now than he ever had in their marriage. After breakfast, Tracy cleaned up the kitchen and went to her bedroom to change.

She dressed herself in yoga pants and a sheer, pink T-shirt that Jim bought her. She joined Harry in the living room as he sat watching a morning cable news show sipping coffee.

Tracy sat below him, on the floor, and began painting her toe nails in a pink shade to match her shirt.

After painting her nails, Tracy began to tidy up the house, as part of her normal routine. She picked up odd clothes and dishes that were scattered about. As she moved into the living room, she noticed Harry watching her.

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