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The chapel measures 6.15m north-south by 1.30m in width (east-west) and 3.50m in height.The chamber is L-shaped due to the presence in the southwest corner of a niche, extending to 40cm from the bottom of the end wall, 2.0m wide and 0.80m in depth, which shelters a incomplete false door.The measurements of original mastaba are estimated at 16.00m by 10.20m, with a height of 4.40m.The face is the mastaba includes two niches, one to the south: 1.10m wide, 40cm in depth and 3.80m in height, and the other to the north: 3.90m wide, 30cm in depth and 3.50m in height (see ).In the Pharaonic tombs, it was indispensable for the funeral of statues of the royal ka.In the bibliography can be found links permitting download of the thesis (in German only).

It measures 0.80m wide, 1.60m long and 3.20m in height, which decreases to 2.80m inside, where there is the roller above the entrance.Behind the south wall is a serdab of 5.15m in length by 1.30m wide and 2.50m in height, whose floor is 0.70m above that of the chapel, with which it is connected through a small narrow gap (very visible on the base wall seen here ).Katja Lehmann, in 2001, supported her thesis under the direction of Prof.To the west is located a table of offerings measuring 4.20m x 0.80m x 0.78m. The central section, oriented north - south, measures 8.90m x 2.00m x 2.40m (height).The sarcophagus, in thin Toura limestone, is at the east end, its measurements being 2.73m x 1.32m x 0.90m. It represents a room intended the cult worship with any precision. 1.40m to the south of the northwest corner stood a false door of 2.10m in width, 2.10m in height and 30cm of depth, which has disappeared.

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