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I also like a paddle that is lighter and stingy vs. I want to feel it, and hear it, but I don’t want a mark there a week later. I have a bunch of leather products from Ian at the London Tanners and Cane-iac.I have done work on the Cane-iac website as well in the past.Now she has been spanked many times for websites and in her personal life, and her own website has taken off too. I had a hernia repair surgery for what looked like a congenital femoral hernia. My mother, being a social worked doesn’t believe in spanking or any kind of physical punishment.As you’ll read in this interview Sarah is a very talented switch as well as being very sexy. It was rather serious though, more than first expected to be. I probably pushed it a bit too soon, but being at a spanking party two weeks after surgery was like putting candy in front of a child and telling them not to touch it. She was all about positive reinforcement through charts and stickers and rewards.I will always be a true bottom at heart, so don’t you worry, but that doesn’t mean I won’t top as well and enjoy it. I usually am in two every fall and try to do one in the spring providing I have time between all the spanking work.What do you like doing when you’re not involved with spanking? But, my main two I do are in the fall from September through January, so my spanking and modelling work gets limited around rehearsal schedules during these months.

I like this kind of spanking because it turns me on and makes me again feel loved and like the woman wants me and therefore, I want to please her knowing that she is in control and can control my sexual arousal. I love of course getting my name and website out there to as many people as possible and being a spokesperson for a paddle company helps with marketing for me and for them.Also, working behind the scenes more gives me a whole new respect for what all the other companies do whom I have worked for as just the talent.What the viewer sees as the final project has had so much time, money, and energy that have gone into it on all levels.The idea of spanking was so interesting to me, but at the same time I felt like there was something “wrong” with me for thinking these thoughts, so I hid them from everyone and was quite embarrassed at the mention of spanking around me. My very first spanking was not something that I had expected.Let’s just say it was not at all what I had hoped for and longed for.

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