4 year age difference dating

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And a quarter (24%) of women admit they view a woman with an older man as a ‘gold digger’.Women with a ‘toy boy’ partner, where she is much older, are viewed by almost a third (28%) of other members of the same sex as a ‘cougar’, the slang term for a woman ‘who seeks sexual relations with a considerably younger man’.Notes to editors All figures are taken from a survey of 2,000 UK adults completed by One Poll on behalf of Feb 2013. ‘Ideal Age Gap’: of those who expressed a preference, more people (27%) think the man should be older rather than the woman (2%).The most popular age gap in a relationship identified by the research is the 24-month period ‘3-4 years’ (41%), followed by ‘5-6 years’ (28%) and ‘1-2 years’ (14%).

More than one in ten women (11%) think the ideal age gap is between seven and ten years – while main reasons people are in favour of an age gap is the fact that ‘you can learn from the different perspective of the other partner’ (identified by 46% of people), and ‘the youthfulness of the younger partner rubs off on the older partner’ (41%).

For example, will you enjoy similar music, films and TV and using modern technology?

If you struggle to listen to the same music or watch the same films, you could find it difficult to maintain your relationship once passion has cooled. Do you know what your partner plans for the future?

As part of the same research, Hollywood couple Michael Douglas, 68, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, 43 – who have an age gap of TWENTY-FIVE years, came first in a Top 10 Most Successful Age Gap Celebrity Couple: 1.

Actor Michael Douglas and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (man 25 years older) 2.

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